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Unusual diamond cuts

The mental picture we have of a diamond is most often the commonly seen round brilliant cut. Although the unsurpassed sparkle of this cut does warrant its poster boy status, it is not the only manifestation of our beloved diamond by far. Even those who are fondly familiar with the fancy cut diamond varieties might not know about these lesser known diamond cuts.

Rose cut diamonds

Usually flat bottomed and faceted on top, a rose cut diamond gives off a very different play of light when compared to pavilioned (pointed bottom) cuts. Mostly seen in antique jewellery or antique replicas, rose cuts are a hat-tip to a time diamond cutting was much less of a precision skill, so each is unique.

The flatter dimensions of a rose cut diamond means you get a lot of shine for your shilling. Think about it, a fraction of the depth means you get a lot more surface area per carat of diamond.

Single cut diamonds

As a simplified version of the round brilliant cut, a single cut diamond sports 8 facets at the top (crown) and another 8 at the bottom (pavilion). This relatively small number of facets lends the single cut its alternative name of the 8-cut. Single cut diamonds are rarely seen in modern jewellery and even less so in sizes larger than 1 or 2 points. Their quieter sparkles are what lends many an antique piece their distinctive charm.

Radiant cut diamonds

Radiant cut diamonds are often mistaken for emerald cuts based on their similar shape (generally rectangular with the corners lobbed off). This is however where their similarities with emerald cut diamonds end. Radiant cuts are bedazzlingly sparkly next to the quiet, almost geometric brilliance of an emerald cut, yet they are not as well known.

Diamonds cut in the radiant style are known to show colour quite readily, which might be why aficionados of the whiter grades might not be keen followers. However, many fancy colour diamonds are all the more beautiful thanks to their radiant shine.

Trilliant cut diamonds

Effectively a triangular brilliant, the trilliant cut diamond is surprisingly rare for a cut with such striking sparkle. As classic jewellery design leans towards symmetry, this cut is more often found as supporting stones either side of a centre diamond than as a main feature.

With the modern notion of having a diamond engagement ring that is unlike everyone else’s, cushion cuts and oval cuts have gained enough popularity to no longer be considered as obscure diamond styles. Perhaps the trilliant cut will soon follow suit.

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