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Fancy Coloured Diamonds Collection

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Browse our extensive selection of the rarest and most sought after yellow diamonds and fancy coloured diamonds available in South Africa.

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Round Brilliant Cut0,170SI3Vivid Orangey Brown
Round Brilliant Cut0,190SI2Light Fancy Pinkish Brown
Round Brilliant Cut0,240I1Vivid Brown
Round Brilliant Cut0,267SI3Intense Yellowish Brown
Round Brilliant Cut0,300SI1Intense Pinkish Brown
Round Brilliant Cut0,310SI1Intense Orangey Brown
Round Brilliant Cut0,310I1Vivid Yellowish Brown
Round Brilliant Cut0,314SI2Fancy Yellow
Round Brilliant Cut0,320I2Light Yellowish BrownAlmost Eye Clean
Round Brilliant Cut0,326SI2Fancy Yellow
Round Brilliant Cut0,330IFW - X( Vg / Ex / G )GIA
Round Brilliant Cut0,330VSLight Yellowish Brown
Round Brilliant Cut0,330SI2Vivid Orangey Brown
Round Brilliant Cut0,356VSIntense Fancy Yellow
Round Brilliant Cut0,376SI3Light Brown
Round Brilliant Cut0,390SI2Fancy Yellow
Round Brilliant Cut0,416SI2Fancy Yellow
Round Brilliant Cut0,422SI3Fancy Yellow
Round Brilliant Cut0,440SI2Light Fancy Yellow
Round Brilliant Cut0,448SI3Light Fancy YellowEGL
Round Brilliant Cut0,454SI2Vivid Fancy Cognac
Round Brilliant Cut0,460SI2Fancy Yellow
Round Brilliant Cut0,500SI1Natural Faint PinkGIA
Round Brilliant Cut0,540VS2Fancy Yellowish Brown
Round Brilliant Cut0,550SI2Cape( Heptagon )
Round Brilliant Cut0,566SI3Brownish Yellow
Round Brilliant Cut0,650SI2Deep Brown Orange
Round Brilliant Cut0,656I2Deep Brown Yellow Orange
Round Brilliant Cut0,740SI2Fancy Deep Brown
Round Brilliant Cut0,785I1Vivid Fancy Orangish BrownEGL
Round Brilliant Cut0,830MistyMustard
Round Brilliant Cut0,970SI1Fancy Brownish Yellow( G / Vg ) Faint FluorescenceGIA
Round Brilliant Cut1,017SI1Natural Light Fancy YellowEGL
Round Brilliant Cut1,026VS2Light Fancy Yellow( Ex / Ex / Ex )EGL
Round Brilliant Cut1,028VVS2Fancy Yellow( Excellent )EGL
Round Brilliant Cut1,040SI2Vivid Dark Cognac
Round Brilliant Cut1,114VS2Light Fancy Greenish YellowEGL
Round Brilliant Cut1,120SI1Very Light Green Yellow( Vg / Vg )GIA
Round Brilliant Cut1,162VVS2Light Fancy YellowEGL
Round Brilliant Cut1,200I2Natural Fancy Deep Brownish Yellowish OrangeAlmost Eye CleanGIA
Round Brilliant Cut1,248SI3Vivid Fancy Brownish YellowEGL
Round Brilliant Cut1,250SI2Natural Fancy Dark Orangey BrownFaint FluorescenceGIA
Round Brilliant Cut1,270I1Natural Fancy Dark Brown( Ex / G )GIA
Round Brilliant Cut1,390SI1Natural Fancy Yellow Brown( Ex / Ex ) Faint FluorescenceGIA
Round Brilliant Cut1,440VVS2U - V( Vg / Vg / Vg )GIA
Round Brilliant Cut1,500VS2Fancy Brown Yellow( Ex / Vg ) Medium FluorescenceGIA
Round Brilliant Cut1,910VS2Fancy Yellow( Vg )EGL
Round Brilliant Cut2,507VS2Light Fancy Yellow ( Vg / Vg / Ex )EGL
Round Brilliant Cut3,190I1Yellowish Brown
Round Brilliant Cut5,970VS1Natural Fancy Brownish Yellow ( Ex / Vg )GIA
Princess Cut1,150SI2Natural Fancy Deep Brownish Orange( Vg / Ex )GIA
Cushion Cut0,160I1Fancy Pink
Cushion Cut0,280SI1Vivid Orange Brown
Cushion Cut0,560VVS1W - XGIA
Cushion Cut1,030VS1Natural Fancy Light YellowFaint FluorescenceGIA
Cushion Cut1,240SI3Natural Fancy Yellow Brown( Vg / Vg )GIA
Cushion Cut1,260VVS2Fancy Light Grayish Greenish YellowGIA
Cushion Cut1,320VS2Natural Fancy Deep Brown YellowFaint FluorescenceGIA
Cushion Cut1,470SI2Fancy Deep Brownish Yellowish Orange( G / G )GIA
Cushion Cut1,520VS1Fancy Greenish Yellowish BrownEGL
Cushion Cut2,070VS1Dark ChampagneEGL
Emerald Cut0,450I1Champagne
Emerald Cut1,110CloudyVivid Olive Green AsscherSize of a 1,50ct
Radiant Cut0,220SI3Vivid Green Yellow
Radiant Cut0,250VSFancy Yellow
Radiant Cut0,250SI1Vivid Yellow Brown
Radiant Cut0,270SI3Vivid Golden Yellow
Radiant Cut0,320I1Vivid Brown Yellow
Radiant Cut0,470SI1Light Brown
Radiant Cut1,000VS1Fancy Light Brownish Yellow SquareGIA
Radiant Cut1,000SI2Natural Fancy Deep Brownish Yellowish OrangeGIA
Radiant Cut1,040I1Natural Fancy Deep Brownish Yellowish OrangeGIA
Radiant Cut1,360SI2Light Fancy Yellow Cushion Shape Size Of 1.60ctEGL
Pear Cut0,220VSVivid Brown Yellow
Pear Cut0,280SI2Deep Brown Yellow Orange
Pear Cut0,570I2Vivid Orange YellowAlmost Eye Clean
Pear Cut0,620P2Natural Yellow Brown FancyJC
Pear Cut0,930VVS1U - VFaint FluorescenceGIA
Pear Cut0,990VVS1Fancy YellowGIA
Pear Cut1,010SI1Y - Z( Ex / Vg ) Faint FluorescenceGIA
Pear Cut1,050I1Vivid Fancy Brownish Yellow EGL
Pear Cut1,110SI2Fancy Deep Brown Orange( Vg / G ) Medium FluorescenceGIA
Pear Cut1,260I1Natural Fancy Dark Brown YellowGIA
Pear Cut2,048SI2Intense Fancy Brown( G / G )EGL
Oval Cut0,440SI2Natural Fancy Intense Orange YellowFaint FluorescenceGIA
Oval Cut0,820SI1Natural Fancy Deep Brownish YellowMedium FluorescenceGIA
Oval Cut0,880I1-2Dark Orangey BrownEye Clean
Oval Cut1,692I1Vivid Fancy Brownish YellowEGL
Marquise Cut0,208I1-2 Vivid Yellowish OrangeEye Clean
Marquise Cut0,690SI2L ( Faces up Light Yellow )( Vg / G )GIA
Heart Cut0,240SI1Vivid Golden Yellow
Heart Cut0,250SI2Vivid Brown Yellow
Heart Cut0,500SI2Natural Deep Brownish Orangey YellowMedium FluorescenceGIA
Heart Cut0,891VS1Medium ChampagneSlight FluorescenceEGL
Heart Cut0,900I1Natural Fancy Deep Brownish Orangey YellowGIA
Heart Cut0,990SI2Natural Fancy Deep Yellowish OrangeGIA
Heart Cut1,074SI1Vivid Fancy YellowEGL
Heart Cut1,150VS2Natural Fancy YellowFaint FluorescenceEGL
Heart Cut2,070I2Natural Fancy Deep Brown OrangeEye CleanGIA
Half Moon0,250SI2Fancy Brownish Yellow
Shield0,834I2Fancy YellowAlmost Eye Clean
Star of David1,000VVS2W - XGIA