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Fancy Coloured Diamonds Collection

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Browse our extensive selection of the rarest and most sought after yellow diamonds and fancy coloured diamonds available in South Africa.

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Round Brilliant Cut1,500VS2Fancy Brown Yellow ( Ex / Vg ) Med FluorGIA
Round Brilliant Cut2,507VS2Light Fancy Yellow (Very Good)EGL
Round Brilliant Cut5,970VS1Natural Fancy Brownish Yellow ( Ex / Vg )GIA / EGL
Cushion Cut1,248VS2Medium ChampagneEGL
Cushion Cut1,320VS2Natural Fancy Deep Brown-Yellow GIA
Cushion Cut1,470SI2Fancy Deep Brownish Yellowish OrangeGIA
Cushion Cut1,520VS1Fancy Greenish Yellowish BrownEGL
Radiant Cut1,000VS1Fancy Light Brownish Yellow SquareGIA
Radiant Cut1,000SI2Natural Fancy Deep Brownish Yellowish OrangeGIA
Radiant Cut1,360SI2Light Fancy Yellow Cushion Shape Size Of 1.60ctEGL
Radiant Cut1,370VS2Natural Fancy Brown PinkGIA
Pear Cut0,997VVS2Intense Fancy YellowEGL
Pear Cut1,050I1Vivid Fancy Brownish Yellow EGL
Pear Cut1,110SI2Fancy Deep Brown OrangeGIA
Pear Cut1,260I1Natural Fancy Dark Brown-YellowGIA
Pear Cut2,048SI2Intense Fancy BrownEGL
Oval Cut0,200SI2Vivid Orange Yellow
Oval Cut0,230SI3Deep Brown Orange Yellow
Oval Cut0,440SI2Natural Fancy Intense Orange- YellowGIA
Oval Cut0,520SI1Light Fancy Yellowish BrownEGL
Oval Cut0,538SI2Light Fancy Brownish YellowEGL
Marquise Cut0,208I1-2 Vivid Yellowish OrangeEye Clean
Heart Cut0,160SI2Vivid Yellow Green
Heart Cut0,240SI1Vivid Golden Yellow
Heart Cut0,250SI2Vivid Brown Yellow
Heart Cut0,891VS1Medium ChampagneEGL
Heart Cut0,900I1Natural Fancy Deep Brownish Orangy YellowGIA
Heart Cut0,990SI2Natural Fancy Deep Yellowish OrangeGIA
Heart Cut1,074SI1Vivid Fancy YellowEGL
Heart Cut1,150VS2Intense Fancy YellowEGL