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Frequently Asked Engagement Ring Questions

Few moments in life beat the excitement of choosing an engagement ring. Whether deciding on the style together, or planning a surprise for the lady in your life, there are inevitably quite a few clichés, questions and popular opinions to bear in mind – or ignore

As manufacturing jewellery designers, we offer our clients limitless options when it comes to choosing their dream diamond engagement ring. This being said, let’s look at a few common questions our clients have asked regarding what a fabulous diamond engagement ring is and isn’t.

  • 1. Can I Have Coloured Stones In My Engagement Ring, Or Do Only Diamonds Count?
    Answer: With all the gorgeous gemstones in the world at your disposal, there is no reason to consider diamonds exclusively. Everlasting lustre and their exceptional durability make diamonds the hardest wearing of gems, and have doubtlessly influenced their standing as THE engagement ring stone. Depending on your lifestyle, a reasonably hard stone, like sapphire is durable enough for everyday wear and comes in just about every colour you can imagine.
  • 2. Do I Have To Wear A Wedding Band?
    Answer: Traditionally a bride will wear her engagement ring on her left ring finger until the day of the wedding. During the ceremony a simpler, complementing ring or band is added to be worn next to her engagement ring on the inner (hand) side for the rest of time. These days many ladies feel their engagement ring looks far better on its own, especially if it’s quite an elaborate piece to begin with. No problem! Using your engagement ring to ‘seal the deal’ at your wedding is totally acceptable unless your beliefs say otherwise. Alternatively, have a wedding band that you can wear instead of, as opposed to with, your engagement ring. Think a low-key, simplified version of your engagement ring that is more exercise or travel-ready than your engagement ring.
  • 3. Does My Engagement Ring Have To Have A Big Centre Stone?
    Answer: There are no laws stating what your engagement ring should look like. If you love the look of an eternity ring, go for it! If your taste is more asymmetrical organic than classic symmetry or the tried-and-tested solitaire, now is the time to say so! Your engagement ring is very personal and should reflect your character and individual taste. After all, you’ll be seeing a lot of it in the years to come.

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