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Unusual diamond cuts

The mental picture we have of a diamond is most often the commonly seen round brilliant cut. Although the unsurpassed sparkle of this cut does warrant its poster boy status, it is not the only manifestation of our beloved diamond by far. Even those who are fondly familiar with the...

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Why diamond cut is so important

When researching a diamond purchase, potential buyers will inevitably come across the 4 C’s, namely colour, clarity, carat weight and cut. To be fair, the cut of a diamond can refer to two different aspects of the stone being the style (shape) it is cut in, but also the quality...

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Cape Town – A city of diamonds, memories and romantic engagements

Major travel publications across the globe have favoured Cape Town as their number-one destination for a while now. No surprise there! With gorgeous mountains, sparkling beaches, delicious wine and fantastic atmosphere, South Africa’s Mother City deserves this accolade through and through. In addition, and thanks to all her natural splendour,...

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Some good-to-know diamond terminology

Nobody likes feeling out of their depth, least of all when it comes to a big purchase like a diamond or engagement ring. Familiarise yourself with these diamond terminology and you’ll soon be the seen as the jewellery connoisseur. Certified If a diamond is certified it is accompanied with a...

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The Advantages of Certified Diamonds

When first entering the world of diamonds, potential buyers infallibly learn the four C’s – a crucial lesson in understanding the way diamonds are graded. Truth is, while Cut, Clarity, Carat weight and Colour are integral components in determining a stone’s value, there is an equally important fifth C to...

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