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The risk and reality of buying diamonds online

As with all forms of commerce, the jewellery trade finds itself in an era where brick-and-mortar stores are struggling to compete with their online counterparts. Online trade makes a lot of business sense, consumers have the world’s options in the palm of their hands, and the convenience of making their decisions from home. What online shopping doesn’t offer, however, is real interaction...

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Unusual diamond cuts

The mental picture we have of a diamond is most often the commonly seen round brilliant cut. Although the unsurpassed sparkle of this cut does warrant its poster boy status, it is not the only manifestation of our beloved diamond by far. Even those who are fondly familiar with the fancy cut diamond varieties might not know about these lesser known diamond...

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Celebrating the ladies who love jewellery

It’s August already and winter is drawing to a close in Cape Town. With National Women’s Day coming up this month, we have to salute the ladies of the world who are iconic, not only for being the gorgeous icons they are, but also for how well they wear their diamonds. The lavish ladies These are the truly timeless golden girls who...

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Understanding gemstone hardness

When considering jewellery set with a diamond or coloured gemstone, it is important to consider the stone’s hardness and how this will tie into the purpose of the piece it is set in. What does hardness mean? Most often the hardness of a gem is expressed as a number on the Moh’s scale. This is a relative means of measure based on...

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The jewellery you didn’t know you need – until now!

Yes, every lady of style needs diamond stud earrings, a gorgeous eternity ring, a timeless string of pearls and a tennis bracelet (why not). But what happens when you’ve already invested in the staples of fine quality bling? Well, have you considered these iconic accessories? The Dancing Diamond Pendant Designed to maximise the brilliance of a diamond, the Dancing Diamond concept relies...

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